Boity, The New Iman Cosmetics Ambassador

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Boity, The New Iman Cosmetics Ambassador

If you ever wondered what people get for being photographed at every event in town, now you know.  They network, get their names out there, meet people, land endorsements. It’s all about positioning yourself.

Congratulations to Boity Thulo, who now adds TV presenter and Iman Cosmetics Africa Ambassador next to her Socialite title. Now that’s wassup.

What she says:

    “As a young, ambitious girl from a small town, I have always looked up to strong, black, women like Iman, Tyra Banks etc. who have always epitomized what I’ve always believed to be a woman; Beautiful, powerful , graceful and poised. Now I am in awe that my name is being mentioned right next to one of these women…I’m beyond excited and grateful to be part of it all”  Boity

She’s a beautiful girl and if she stays focused on the goal, there will be even bigger things coming her way.

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