Mercy Johnson celebrates Purity’s 6th month birthday

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Mercy Johnson celebrates Purity’s 6th month birthday Mercy Johnson celebrates Purity’s 6th month birthday
Motherhood is a joy and the desired wish of most women. Prior to child birth, a lot of activities happen on a daily basis and the unrestrictiveness of it continues unabated because everything is centered on you the individual. But after the experience of child birth, most things change. Parents try to put their arc together, settles their differences, and prioritize on what is most meaningful in their lives “the new born child”. And such has been the experience of Mercy Johnson since the delivery of Purity.

Over the last few months, she has constantly advised fellow young ladies on matters of etiquette, and moral discipline. She has shared the love that pertains in her home and unyielding pride she now possesses thanks to Purity’s presence in her life.

Still overjoyed by the gift of a precious soul, Mercy arranged the celebrated the sixth month birthday party for Purity. She obviously can’t wait for Purity to turn one year yet lol. We hear it was a low key event amongst family and loved ones but we’ll endeavor to bring you photos of the occasions soon.

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