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Ijelis Wife - Part 2


Features: Nkem Owoh (Osuofia), Tonto Dike, George Davidson, Gaddel Onwueliwe, Duke Ogili

Akunpe (Tonto Dike) had a "spiritual husband", who will stop any man from coming close to her. He was the god of the land and no one dares him. Those who did died from his wrath. She lost her husband's father because she disobeyed Ijele (the god of the land and spiritual husband) and had a baby with the husband. Ogbansiegbe a poor hunter also fell in love with Akunpe but she warned him to stay away from her to avoid the wrath of Ijele. He paid no mind to her because he found it hard to believe her mysterious story. Can Ogbansiegbe prove his love when Ijele strikes again?