Sweetest Fruit - Part 2

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Tonto Dikeh's character lives with Dylan (Johannes Maier) a man she has helped through his unemployment. They both end up falling in love with each other and getting engaged. Dylan is unable to get a job and so he takes up his hobby, singing, as a career. Tonto Dikeh's character is not too thrilled about this but in the end she sees wisdom in his decision and joins him in singing as well. Meanwhile, Dave (Johannes Maier) is a rich owner of a multi million naira company. He spends his time indulging in many different women and alcohol until he meets a woman whom he falls in love with. He hires her as his 'confidential secretary' with duties extending to the bedroom. Unknown to him, she has a live-in boyfriend whom she stays with and fends for. She claims to love him but does she really? Dave and Dylan are look alikes and everyone confuses the one for the other? Will this resemblance lead to their downfall?

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